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Let The Pampering Begins


Enjoy Spa with Germ-Free single-use products


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Why US?

Top 4 Reasons

We couldn't be more honored to serve the Lake Norman area.  It's not just rumor that you heard--that we have from friendly and professional staff to cleanliness equipment to highest quality products to harmonious atmosphere.  To top it off, we do offer complimentary alcohol and non-alcohol beverages. So you and companion(s) can sit back, drink up, and 'let the pampering begins'. 


most sanitary and cleanliness

You may have heard people get fungal or bacterial infections going to salons.  Rest assure we are on board with sanitation!  We use single-use pedicure liners, buffers, and files to ensure highest sanitation.  We wipe down all equipment with organic cleansers and UV treat all metal equipment.  

friendly and professional staff

If one thing you heard from someone else is that we have the most friendly staff in town.  We always greet with a big smile and always help you choose or find that one color.

highest quality products

One of many things we invest in is our products.  From pedicure chairs to ensure your comfort visit to gel products on you fingers.  We have been around since 2005 serving the Lake Norman area -- we make sure you deserve the best!


most variety of gel color selection

One of many things we are proud of is our gel color selection.  Every salon has a big area full of nail polish and gel polish to choose from.  Don't worry about can't finding one you like, we know the trend.  

Let's Get This Party Started in Here!!

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I went here on a whim after being “passed” at another salon. Was greeted as soon as I walked in. They assist you into your chair & offer you a beverage right off. Excellent mani & eyebrow wax. Very friendly techs, discount if you pay with cash & timely- was in & out in less than 45 minutes...
— Emily S. (

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